There'd better be no printable defects, when I wake up from my nap Inspection found no defects! Beam was off

There was a defect on the mask

Though Light You Don't See, Heat you Will Feel Moore's Law, Overturned

5 nm, Not Impressed EUV Lithography, You've probably never heard of it

Stochastics, Stochastics Everywhere

The Line Edge Roughtness Is Too Damn High

They said '1 kW by next year'


Defect repair is so good, I can't find it.

Not sure if it's a defect, or OPC

Call it Rigorous, Leave out half the physics

I don't always print wafers, but when I do, I use a pellicle Couldn't Decide 193 or EUV, Used Both!

Mask Defects are put there by aliens 193 or EUV